Friday, 28 December 2012


New for 2013 will be a 009 resin kit for the 2nd generation SAR B Wagon.

There are currently 2 of these in use on the FR / WHR and a further 6 are being imported from South Africa in the coming weeks.

The kit is going to be offered with mix and match components which will enable purchasers to model the B wagon in three configurations.

In original condition:

Running as a bicycle transporting wagon on the WHR:

And as one of the fleet of wagons employed to transport and store locomotive coal on the FR:

We expect this kit to be available in the early spring on 2013. For all enquiries email us at:

Thursday, 20 December 2012


I do my best to respond to customer feedback.

of the modellers who bought the first batch of DZ wagon kits commented that it would be nice if the etched brass bogies were a little more three dimensional.

It's a very good observation so with the intention of improving the kit and giving extra value for money I have designed some small stick-on castings representing the suspension in the centre of the bogie frame and the chunky axle boxes on these SAR bar frame bogies.

The spring casting is glued onto the centre of the bogie frame and the axle boxes simply slip over the axle bushes.

These castings will come as standard with all the DZ wagon kits produced from now on and I will be doing something similar to add onto the alternative bogie design for the forthcoming NGY ballast wagon and B wagon kits.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


We are delighted to release our second resin kit in the new Boston Largs Works 009 range, this time depicting an example of the DZ flat wagons running on the Welsh Highland Railway.

A number of these wagons - which were converted simply by removing the side doors and ends, leaving the tell-tell hinges visible - were employed during the reconstruction of the line and have since been taken into departmental service on the completed railway.

Among their many uses one of these flat DZs was used as the base for the notorious track laying gantry - dubbed 'The Forth Bridge' - which was deployed during the relaying of the first section of line from Caernarfon to Dinas.

Perhaps one of these kits might one day be used as the basis of a unique scratch-building challenge? As with the previously released complete DZ wagon kit this comes with an etched brass fret containing simple fold-up bogies, brake gear and SAR hexagonal handbrake wheels.

It requires wheelsets and shouldered pinpoint axle bearings to complete and costs £15 plus post and packaging.

The first production run of these kits have now sold out but you can reserve your kit from the next batch by emailing: